Iceberg Pilot Project

A Polar TEP pilot project will investigate current and future iceberg risk in Baffin Bay. A diverse set of data, processors and models will be deployed and integrated to allow users to investigate linkages between iceberg populations, observed and modelled changes in ice sheet movement and calving rates, ocean circulation, … Continue reading

Improving Sea Ice Forecasting by National Ice Centres

National ice centres throughout the world chart sea ice and iceberg conditions in their particular areas of interest through the manual interpretation of large volumes of satellite data, which is labour intensive, slow and lacks consistency between ice centres as well as inside the same ice centre. With the large volume of Sentinel-1 SAR data expected from early 2015 onwards, a more automated and rigorous analysis method is needed. Continue reading

Polar View Sea Ice Information Services

Polar View near real-time information services use a large volumes of satellite imagery that need to be accessed, processed and delivered as quickly as possible. The Polar TEP will provide fast access to the Sentinel-1 data stream and access to a range of other data resources, together with processing capacity. This environment will allow service providers to establish services for end users and improve their reliability and performance. Continue reading